Take Two for January 18, 2013

Oprah Interviews Lance Armstrong
In an exclusive interview with Oprah Winfrey last night, Lance Armstrong said his regimen consisted of blood transfusions, EPO and testosterone. He also said doping was an integral part of the sport and helped him win the Tour De France.
U.S. Postal Service Reports Yearly Loss Of 15.9 Billion Dollars

Can Congress save the struggling US Postal Service?

For years, Lance Armstrong rode with a team sponsored by the U.S. Postal Service. Armstrong is reportedly in talks to return some of the millions of dollars he received from the agency.
Obama And Biden Unveil Proposal To Decrease Gun Violence In U.S.
We wrap up the week's news and look forward to what's to come in the Friday Flashback. This week's guests, Sophia Nelson of NBC's The Grio, and James Rainey of the LA Times.
John C. Reilly and Friends

John C. Reilly goes country with help from his friends

Actor John C. Reilly is known for his comic roles in films like "Talladega Nights" and "Step Brothers," but acting isn't his only forte.
Latinos for Obama

Latinos celebrate Obama, but will they be repaid?

Latinos will have a special gala this Sunday for President Obama's inauguration: the Latino Inaugural. Hosted by Eva Longoria and featuring a star-studded cast, it's also a way for them to celebrate their influence on the 2012 campaign.
Skaters take to the ice at an outdoor ri

Weekend Alibi: Ice skating, Star Party, apple pie

KPCC's Meghan McCarty is back and better than ever in a revamped and retooled Weekend Alibi. For those that don't know, it's your guide for a fun weekend.
When depression strikes during pregnancy

How pregnancy alters a woman's civil liberties

A recent report published in the Journal of Health, Politics and Policy and Law says hundreds of women have been denied their civil liberties because they were pregnant. The study examined specific examples, and touched on a legal grey area where the rights of the mother and the fetus intersect.
Charlie's Chop Shop
The city's legal bills top $1 million annually, water rates and parcel taxes remain high. But residents have a renewed interest in their community.

Parents invoke trigger to shake up failing LA Unified school

More than a 100 parents from a West Adams elementary school, on Thursday, invoked the “Parent Trigger” law to take over the failing school from the district.

Mixing up creative cocktails with a dose of science

Meet the bartender in Las Vegas who mixes her potables with a heavy dose of science and technology, and a little spice, as well. Reporter Adam Burke prepared this refreshing story.
2009 Hurley U.S. Open of Surfing

Mavericks big-wave surfing competition returns

Mavericks, the big wave surfing competition, will be held on Sunday for the first time in years in Pillar Point, Half Moon Bay, CA.
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