Take Two for January 22, 2013

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Newly released documents show Retired Cardinal Roger Mahoney and other high-ranking officials in the diocese stymied police investigations of alleged abuse.
Kim Dotcom Party

Kim Dotcom's mega return

This past weekend, MEGA - a new file storage website - made its debut. This wouldn't be all that exciting if it weren't for the site's creator - a man known as Kim Dotcom. His last venture, a website called Megaupload, was shut down for hosting pirated copyrighted material. And Dotcom has since been caught up in an international criminal investigation. Charles Graeber joins Barbara Bogaev with an update on the story. He profiled Dotcom for WIRED magazine in October.
A woman stands in the doorway of a court

When do kids know right from wrong?

Developments in neuroscience have led the Supreme Court to reconsider minors' culpability, but that science isn't finding its way into juvenile courts.
LAX Encounter restaurant
Lots of changes are underway for when you take flight.

Dieting at age 7?

In the new memoir "The Heavy," Dara-Lynn Weiss writes about her efforts to help her seven-year-old daughter lose weight. The book follows a controversial article Weiss wrote for Vogue magazine.
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PBS' Frontline looks at why the government has been unable to criminally convict any Wall Street executives for their alleged role in the housing crisis.
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