Take Two for January 23, 2013

Petra Haden 'Goes to the Movies' and reimagines the film score

Petra Haden

Maya Sugarman/KPCC

Singer and violinist Petra Haden is releasing a solo acapella album. She is a former member of The Decemberists, Tito & Tarantula, and That Dog.

Petra Haden

Petra Haden

Cover of Petra Haden's new album "Petra Goes To The Movies."

Petra Haden is not your typical musician. When she decided to cover the Who's album "The Who Sell Out," she didn't get a backing band, she recreated every guitar lick, every drum hit using her voice.

Her latest acapella album "Petra Goes to the Movies" features this LA vocalist singing famous film scores. Petra joins Alex Cohen with more.

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