Take Two for January 24, 2013

California Governor Jerry Brown delivered his third State of the State address since he's taken office. His speech outlined an ambitious and optimistic policy agenda for California.

Bilingual Learning: A profile of two families

All week we've been looking into bilingual immersion programs. In her final report, KPCC's Deepa Fernandes profiles two Latino families who tried bilingual education with vastly different results.
Broken Borders Fronteras

The quest for a secure US-Mexico border

Many conservatives see the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S. as clear evidence that border protection is failing. They argue that before the immigration system can be reformed, the border needs to be secured.
Los Angeles Lakers v Chicago Bulls

LA Lakers underperform this season despite big expectations

The Lakers have lost 10 of their last 12 games and this morning, found themselves closer to last place than a playoff spot with less than half the season left to play.
Mayoral Candidate Jan Perry
The city councilwoman has represented the Ninth District since 2001. She's hoping that 2013 is the year she becomes mayor of Los Angeles.
LA Mayoral Candidates

City Hall Pass: LA Mayor race

Take Two's ticket to all the latest political news coming out of downtown Los Angeles. This week, KPCC's political team of Frank Stoltze and Alice Walton talk about the leading candidates for mayor and the upcoming mayoral debates.
(FILES) Photo dated 13 June 2003 a femal

Pentagon lifts ban on women in combat

It's a landmark moment for women in the military. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on Thursday is expected to formally announce that he's lifting the ban on women in combat. The move will open up hundreds of thousands more front-line jobs to women, and allow female soldiers already on the front lines to receive recognition for their service.
Syrian OC

Local Syrian-Americans bring aid to refugees

Two people from Orange County recently traveled to the Syrian border to carry supplies and money to refugees. One of them has been there seven times in a year.
George De La Torre Jr. Elementary

LAUSD teacher accused of molesting 20 kids

A former 4th grade teacher at George de La Torre Elementary school was arrested yesterday and charged with 15 counts of "committing lewd acts and continual sexual abuse of numerous students.
Anonymous Gun Buy Back Program In San Francisco

Oakland residents work to help end gun violence

The massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut has opened a new national dialogue about guns and gun violence. In some communities people are trying to push the idea that gun violence is a public health emergency.
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