Take Two for January 28, 2013


'Gang of 8' Senators unveil immigration reform proposal

Immigration reform is getting its moment in the sun. In just a couple of hours, a bi-partisan group of Senators nicknamed "the gang of eight" will unveil their proposal for overhauling the nation's immigration policies.
With public opinion of Congress at an all-time low, the group No Labels says it's "dedicated to promoting a new politics of problem solving."

San Bernardino manager quits bankrupt city

After just 8 months on the job, San Bernardino’s acting city manager is leaving. The Finance Director is rumored to be right behind her. They are two big blows to a city limping through bankruptcy court.

Should gun violence be considered a public health issue?

Gun violence will be the focus of a joint hearing at the California state capitol on Tuesday.California lawmakers have previously looked at banning certain weapons or limiting ammunition.
SAG Awards Show

Hollywood Monday: SAG Awards, Sundance, and more

L.A. Times film writer Rebecca Keegan joins the show to discuss the latest industry news coming out of Hollywood.

New book explores how 'Tinkerers' made America great

Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Dad in the garage with his tool box. America is a country known for it's tinkerers, people with a passion for fixing, improving and inventing useful objects.
Immigration Reform

Farmers and advocates want guest worker reform

The immigration reform plan being proposed later today calls for legislation to help the agricultural industry find more workers. Some say that the nation's current guest worker program makes it hard to bring in foreign workers. Adrian Florido from the Fronteras Desk reports.
OC Immigrant Detention
Throughout the country, about 32,000 immigrant detainees are living behind bars, with no legal right to a visit from family or friends. Most of them have no legal representation at all.

Is the political climate right for immigration reform?

The last time Congress tried to pass comprehensive immigration reform was in 2007, and that was, well, a failure. Many of the measures proposed that time around are resurfacing, now, in a new plan, but under a much different political environment.
Pride and Prejudice

Jane Austen's classic novel 'Pride & Prejudice' turns 200

Jane Austen's classic novel "Pride and Prejudice" turns 200 today. What makes this piece of literature still relevant two centuries since its first publication?
The Newbery and Caldecott Book medals.
The Newbery and Caldecott medal winners were announced today. They're the equivalent of Pulitzer prizes for children's books.
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