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Take Two for January 29, 2013

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Obama And Biden Meet With Law Enforcement Officials

Obama's choice of Las Vegas a love letter to Latinos

President Obama travels to Las Vegas today to outline his proposals for changing the current immigration system. So what makes Vegas and the middle of the Mojave Desert the soapbox of choice for a seminal speech on immigration? Adam Burke from the Fronteras Desk explains.
Obama Accepts Nomination On Final Day Of Democratic National Convention
Democratic Congressman Xavier Becerra of the 34th District, which includes the Eastside of Los Angeles, joins the show to talk about his view of how Congress is handling the latest immigration reform effort.
The 'Gang of Eight' immigration proposal has a number of elements that offer a path to legal residence for the millions of people here without documentation. But the plan calls for a pre-requisite: That the borders must first be secure.
(FILES) This file photo taken on July 30
Tucked away in Southern California neighborhoods, like Chino Hills, Rowland Heights and Hacienda Heights, are businesses known as maternity hotels. Women travel many miles, mostly from Asia, to reach these boarding houses where they can give birth to babies with automatic American citizenship.
Former Scout Alan Eckert
Ten years ago, Alan Eckert was on the verge of earning the rank of Eagle Scout, but at the same time he was also coming to terms with his sexuality. Because of the policy against gays in the Boy Scouts of America, Eckert quit.
Backstage at the Geffen Gala
Warner Brothers CEO Barry Meyer is stepping down on March 1, and his successor has already been announced. Kevin Tsujihara, 48, will helm the company that brought characters like Porky Pig, Batman and Harry Potter to screens around the world.
85°C Bakery 02

85°C, the Starbucks of Taiwan, expands in CA (Photos)

85°C, a Taiwan-based bakery and cafe, plans to add five more U.S. stores this year. The chain has stores in Irvine, West Covina and Hacienda Heights.

New Music Tuesday: Ozomatli and Take Two's new theme song

Today, we're very excited to talk about a track you won't find on iTunes or Amoeba Records. It's an extra-special project from the L.A. based group, Ozomatli. Take Two's new theme song!

Analysis of the first television LA mayoral debate

The top five candidates reached their biggest audience yet last night as they participated in the first televised debate of the election. But politicos yearning for a fight may have been disappointed.
General Election - Grant

Jewish voters could be key voting bloc in LA mayor's race

In a primary with a low voter turnout, the candidate for LA mayor who wins the Jewish vote could win a place in the runoff election.
Justice Sotomayor

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor comes to LA

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor visited the KPCC studios last week for an event at the Crawford Family Forum.
AFC Championship - Baltimore Ravens v New England Patriots
This Sunday in New Orleans, the Ravens and 49ers will play in Super Bowl XLVII. Aside from from fame and glory, one of the perks of winning is a trip to the White House. President Obama is a big sports fan, routinely weighing in on a variety of sports stories.
New York Giants v New York Jets

2013 Super Bowl is game on for second screen

Many folks who will tune in to the Super Bowl this weekend will watch not only on a big screen TV, but also on a so-called second screen.

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