Take Two for January 31, 2013

Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal reported computer systems in its Beijing bureau had been infiltrated by Chinese hackers. This came a day after The New York Times announced similar cyberattacks.

Pentagon expanding cyber security efforts

The Grey Lady isn't the only one hiring additional security experts... The Pentagon is also expanding its cybersecurity forces. Three years ago, the Defense Department created it's Cyber Command, a group tasked with defending critical computer systems as well as launching offensive cyber operations.
Kenneth Corley

Kenneth Corley wins freedom from prison under Prop 36

Last November, voters overwhelmingly approved Proposition 36, the measure that changed California's three strikes law to require that third strike be serious or violent felonies. It also allowed some of the inmates serving life sentences to have those sentences reduced.
Riverside/Ontario area now leads the nationThe in unemployment among large population centers. Riverside and San Bernardino both were at the top of a list of worst run cities, and a once-proud park in downtown San Bernardino has turned into an urban eyesore.
Bark beetle

San Bernardino's bark beetle battle ends

San Bernardino County supervisors voted to end the emergency proclamation against the bark beetle, a pest that had been ravaging conifers trees in the County's forests for a decade.
France's Rugby Union national team's hoo

Why is sticking to a New Year's resolution so difficult?

It's the last day of January. So, how's that New Year's resolution you made while when you were nursing your hangover going? Are you sticking to it?If you are like most of us, probably not so well.
Iowa Town Plans To Launch Video Game Hall of Fame And Museum
Tonight at the UCB Theater in Hollywood, a group of TV writers will perform an 8-bit musical version of a "King of Kong," based on the 2007 documentary film.
Democratic National Convention: Day 1
President Obama's Cabinet has no Latinos, which means LA's mayor could possibly get serious consideration to succeed Ray LaHood.
LA Mayors Debate

City Hall Pass: The race for LA mayor heats up

While Villaraigosa considers a possible future in Washington, we now look at the latest in the fight to replace him as mayor of LA. It's time now for our weekly segment on local politics.

A look at the San Onofre power plant, one year after closure

One year ago today, a tube burst inside one the newly installed steam generators at the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant. A tiny amount of radioactive steam was released, and the plant been closed ever since.
People smoke a joint during a demonstrat
Looking for work? Here's a job description in Washington that piqued our interest:
An engineering professor from our own backyard is heading to the White House. Dr. Solomon Golomb has spent the past 50 years teaching engineering at the University of Southern California.
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