Take Two for February 4, 2013

Skeletal remains found in parking lot confirmed as King Richard III's

University Of Leicester Makes Announcement Following Discovery Of Human Remains Which Are Possibly King Richard III

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

A television screen displays the skull what is believed to be King Richard III during a press conference at Leicester University on February 4, 2013 in Leicester, England. The University of Leicester has been carrying out scientific investigations on remains found in a car park to find out whether they are those of King Richard III since last September, when the skeleton was discovered in the foundations of Greyfriars Church, Leicester.

King Richard III never got a funeral fit for a king. The 15th century British monarch died in combat, defending his crown from an uprising. His remains were hastily buried and soon they were lost to ages.

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Now archeologists say they've found the missing monarch, buried below a parking lot in Leicester, England. The researchers used DNA from Richard III's living descendants to confirm the find. Joining us with more is KPCC's Patt Morrison.

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