Take Two for February 4, 2013

LA Archdiocese Agrees To $660 Million Settlement In Clergy Abuse Suit
More accusations of child sexual abuse are coming out of the files from the Catholic Diocese of Los Angeles. One former Catholic priest who was accused of extensive sexual misconduct with minors went on to work at L.
LA Archdiocese Agrees To $660 Million Settlement In Clergy Abuse Suit
For decades, many of the Catholic priests accused of molestation across the country were sent to The Servants of Paraclete treatment center in the small New Mexico town, Jemez Springs.

Long-term effects of traumatic brain injury

Take Two host A Martinez spoke with former NFL wide receiver Billy Davis and LAUSD medical advisor Dr. Jerry Bornstein about the risks to the pros and to kids just starting out on their favorite playing fields.
Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln

Hollywood Monday: Period casting, IMFDB and more

A poor factory worker in "Les Miserables" with perfectly coiffed hair, a hard-drinking CIA agent in "Argo" with the pecs of a body-builder, and Abe Lincoln. With a pierced ear?
A woman shoots video of the sign at the entrance to the Facebook main campus in Menlo Park, California

Tech industry to meet with Congress on immigration reform

A number of industries that need workers desperately find that immigration reform is a no-brainer. Industrial farming is one, but so is the tech industry.
Fontana Unified School District

Fontana school district arms with semi-automatic rifles

A school district in the Southern California city of Fontana is already arming its police with semiautomatic rifles. Reporter Chris Richard has the story.
Close up of a screen which shows an inje
Nearly a decade ago, voters here approved Proposition 71, the California Stem Cell Research and Cures Initiative. The initiative made conducting stem cell research legal and authorized the sale of bonds to generate $3 billion for stem cell research and research.
University Of Leicester Makes Announcement Following Discovery Of Human Remains Which Are Possibly King Richard III
King Richard III never got a funeral fit for a king. The 15th century British monarch died in combat, defending his crown from an uprising. His remains were hastily buried and soon they were lost to ages.
By the time the Ravens sealed their Super Bowl win over the 49ers, Americans consumed around 79 million pounds of avocados. Until recently, most of those avocados were coming from San Diego County, the nation's top producing region.
Manhattan Museum To Honor "Wild Things" Author
Sendak's posthumous title, "My Brother's Book," comes 50 years after the publication of "Where the Wild Things Are," and is a dark and interesting final chapter for the widely celebrated author.
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