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Alaskan Brewing Co. uses 'beer-powered beer' to go green

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In this photo taken Jan 23, 2013, in Juneau, Alaska, are six-packs of beer displayed at the Alaskan Brewing Co. The brewery has installed a unique boiler system that burns the company's spent grain the accumulated waste from the brewing process into steam which powers the majority of the plant's operations. Joshua Berlinger/AP

There are all sorts of ways for companies to go green these days: Solar panels, eco-friendly packaging, biofuels, and now, beer. One Alaskan brewery is using the extra grain left over after it brews its beer to create energy. 

The Alaskan Brewing Company built a special steam boiler that uses the soggy spent grain to power their brewhouse. The company says its new "beer-powered beer" will cut oil use by more than half. 

Brandon Smith, the company's brewing operations and engineering manager, joins us from Juneau to talk about 

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