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Take Two for February 5, 2013

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Eric Holder Testifies Before House Judiciary Committee
A bipartisan group of House lawmakers meet today for their first full hearing on immigration. The President and a group of senators have already publicly outlined framework for immigration reform.
Activists Rally For Comprehensive Immigration Reform In Washington

Who are the likely winners and losers of immigration reform?

If immigration reform passes Congress, it's a given that immigrants stand to gain. But there's something in it for non-immigrants, too. We find out about the economic winners and losers with Christopher Matthews, a reporter for Time Business.
US President and Republican presidential

The legacy of Reagan's 1986 immigration bill lives on

The last time Congress passed a major immigration bill, one of its goals was to stop the flow of undocumented migrants across the border. Instead, it seemed to have the opposite effect as illegal immigration surged.
1 - Boy Scouts - Part 1

Southland Boy Scout troop dropped 'no gays' policy years ago (Photos)

This week, the Boy Scouts of America could drop its policy of banning gay scouts or scout leaders. But one troop in Southern California took that step years ago.
Monica Garcia Campaign Office - 13
Hollywood donates a lot of money to national politics, but local school board races have been way off the radars of these big donors. Until now.
Peter Hook Joy Division
Joy Division bassist Peter Hook's new book "Unknown Pleasures — Inside Joy Division" chronicles the band's short history.
Mercer 6699

CA Supreme Court could clear legal haze on pot shops

Cities, counties and medical marijuana advocates have a lot at stake when the state Supreme Court considers the regulatory power of local governments.
U.S. Marijuana Enthusiasts Gather For Mass Pot-Smoking Celebration
An effort is building in Congress to change U.S. marijuana laws, including moves to legalize the industrial production of hemp and establish a hefty federal pot tax.
In-N-Out burger
In-N-Out president and owner Lynsi Torres is a media shy, thrice-married mother of twins who races hot rods in her spare time. She's also just 30 years old.
Beer Powered Beer

Alaskan Brewing Co. uses 'beer-powered beer' to go green

There are all sorts of ways for companies to go green these days: Solar panels, eco-friendly packaging, biofuels, and now, beer. One Alaskan brewery is using the extra grain left over after it brews its beer to create energy.
Last week, a British man walking his dog on a beach in northern England came upon what looked like a waxy and smelly soccer ball-sized rock. Turns out, it wasn't an ordinary rock, it was something called ambergris, or Sperm whale excrement, and it's worth more than $100,000.

'Sneaker waves' pose big danger for California beach-goers

A so-called "sneaker wave" is a disproportionately large wave that can sometimes appear behind a smaller one, without warning. Because they are much larger than preceding waves, sneaker waves can catch unwary swimmers, washing them out to sea.

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