Take Two for February 6, 2013

Today President Obama is expected to nominate Sally Jewell for the post of Interior Secretary. Jewell is currently the president and CEO of the outdoor and recreational retailer REI.
U.S. Postal Service Makes Major Restructuring Announcement

US Postal Service to end Saturday delivery by August

Well, starting this August the postman only rings five times a week. The struggling U.S. Postal Servive has announced it is cutting Saturday mail delivery. It's a move that has been anticipated for some time as the agency has sunk deeper into financial instability.
Boy Scouts Part II - 1

Two-mom family hopes for a change on the Boy Scouts 'no gays' policy

Two moms and their Eagle Scout son hope for an end to the Boy Scouts' "no gays" policy. The longstanding ban could end in May at the group's annual meeting.
Rick Perry
Heads Up California, Texas is coming for your businesses. This week, Texas Governor Rick Perry released this radio ad aimed at California business owners:

The pathway to US citizenship begins in the back of a long, growing line

Both the Senate and President Obama's proposals for immigration reform are clear on one thing: For the estimated 11-million undocumented workers living in the U.S., the pathway to citizenship begins in the "back of the line," behind everyone who's legally waiting.
US President Barack Obama's main speechw
We talk to Marty Kaplan, who worked as a speechwriter for Walter Mondale before moving West, where he had a successful run as a writer and producer.
Cage Diving With Great White Sharks In South Africa

Great whites may be endangered in California

Chris Lowe at CSU-Long Beach's Shark Lab explains that the current health of the great white shark population is unknown, and what the listing would mean for his own research.

US debates immigration reform, but Mexico stays silent

While it has a lot invested in the immigration debate, Mexico has remained mostly silent. LA Times reporter Richard Fausset explains that it's politically advantageous for government leaders in Mexico to stay under the radar.
2013 Senior Bowl
Every year, anticipation builds around Signing Day as the financial stakes around college football get higher. We talk to a top California college prospect and Adam Kramer of the Bleacher Report about the spectacle of it all.
All Natural: A Skeptics Quest to Discover if the Natural Approach to Diet, Childbirth, Healing and the Environment Really Keeps Us Healthier and Happier
Imagine you're at the grocery store. The organic bananas are so much more expensive, and you wonder if you should really spend the extra dough. Or maybe you're getting ready to have a baby, and can't sleep at night because you're unsure if you should head to the hospital or try for a homebirth.
Fouritime Iditarod Champion and 2006 win

Warm weather threatens Alaska's Iditarod race

This year, unseasonable weather has created serious training obstacles for Iditarod contestants in parts of the Alaska. Here with more is Greg Sellentin, publisher of Mushing magazine.
Staples Center

Fan Dining: The chef behind Staples Center concessions (Photos)

Executive Chef Joseph Martin oversees two restaurants, three kitchens, hundreds of employees and multiple menus of food for Staples Center sports games and special events. Hayley Fox reports.
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