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Take Two for February 13, 2013

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Christopher Dorner Big Bear Roadblock

The latest on the Christopher Dorner incident in Big Bear

Yesterday authorities cornered a man they believed to be Chris Dorner, the ex-LAPD officer accused of murder. We’ll get the latest news from KPCC’s Ben Bergman and Frank Stoltze.
Rubio Water Break

Rubio's SOTU speech marks GOP effort to reach out to Latinos

Last night during the President’s State of the Union address, the GOP unveiled a new tool to reach Latino voters: A Spanish-language Twitter feed. We’ll talk to Republican political consultant Mike Madrid.
Insurance companies charge a lot in premiums if you're tempting death on a regular basis, and some refuse to even offer coverage.
Kinetic Content's 2nd Annual Anniversary And Celebration Of Betty White's "Off Their Rockers"
To millions of Americans actress Valerie Harper will remain Rhoda Morgenstern, BFF to Mary Tyler Moore's and star of the eponymous spinoff Rhoda. She has a new memoir about the character, and how its affected her working career.
Closest Asteroid
An asteroid that's 150 feet across is barreling towards our planet and it's expected to pass by Earth this Friday. We’ll speak about the asteroid, and other space news with Adam Steltzner, who recently led the landing team for the Mars Curiosity Rover.

Just how vulnerable is the US to cyber attack?

In last night's State of the Union address, among the topics covered by President Obama was cyber security, how important it is to our nation, and how ill-equipped we are when it comes to protecting ourselves.
Obama And Biden Meet With Law Enforcement Officials
Here to explain the history, use, and limits of executive authority is Allan Lichtman, presidential historian and professor of history at American Univerisity.

SOTU: Advocates welcome Obama's proposal for universal preschool access

Early childhood education advocates say President Obama fell short in his State of the Union speech, but they were pleased with some of his remarks.
Grand Central Terminal 100th Anniversary Celebration
Yesterday, the Los Angeles school board candidates received the largest donation-to-date for a school board contest. But it didn't come from anyone in L.A., and it didn't even come from anyone in California. It came from billionaire businessman and New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg.
Tijuana Filner Office

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner's Tijuana office still not open

San Diego's Mayor Bob Filner is promising his new Tijuana office will open soon, but there have been a couple hiccups so far. KPBS Metro reporter Katie Orr checks in on the status of the office and why the mayor thinks they need one.
Lay's "Do Us A Flavor" Finalist Announcement at NYSE

Why are Americans so smitten with Sriracha?

Sriracha hot pepper sauce is huge in the U.S. So big that the potato chip maker, Lays is making a bag featuring the flavor. We’ll talk about why people love sriracha so much with Randy Clemens, who wrote the book, "The Sriracha Cookbook."
Polar Bears

Report: Polar bears doomed without human intervention

Leading polar bear researchers have just published a paper outlining possible solutions for preserving the world's declining polar bear population.Warming temperatures are rapidly melting the arctic ice the bears use as a hunting platform.

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