Take Two for February 19, 2013


California illegal gun confiscation initiative gains notice

While there are limits on how far agents can go to get their hands on illegal guns, the program is being closely watched nationwide as gun control laws remain a top issue for lawmakers. Joining us with more is Jessica Garrison who writes about the program for the L.A. Times.

The toxic side of solar energy

Solar power is often hailed as one of the cleanest available sources of energy, but that claim may not be entirely true.
Clean Energy Schools

Prop 39: Where will the money for energy efficiency go?

California is set to create the nation’s most ambitious energy makeover for public buildings. That’s because Californians overwhelmingly passed Proposition 39, which closes a corporate tax loophole and funnels much of the money to energy efficiency upgrades. The details, however, have been left to state lawmakers and, not surprisingly, there's disagreement over where the funds will go.
Hydraulic Fracturing
California’s Department of Conservation will host a public workshop on the issue in Los Angeles on Tuesday.
Young displaced Somali women along with

Somali-Americans consider returning home to help rebuild

The US government officially recognized Somalia’s government last week for the first time since 1991. Now the nation is rebuilding under a newly elected president, and Somalis in San Diego are eager to help. KPBS reporter Megan Burks spoke to a young refugee who says he can’t wait to go back permanently.

Oscars 2013: How much does it cost to get to the Academy Awards?

Hollywood's elite has spent the past few weeks on the awards circuit, picking up prizes and glad-handing at fancy parties. But the biggest award night is still to come — the Oscars. Getting there takes a lot more than just making a good movie. Gina Delvac reports.
Australian singer Nick Cave (L) gestures

New Music Tuesday: DJ Day, Lady, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

It's that time again! Tuesday, the day when record companies release new music. Today, music critics Oliver Wang (Soul-Sides.com) and Ann Powers (NPR Music) join the show to talk about new tunes by DJ Day, Lady, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Apples and Three Oranges, Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside, and Holly Williams.
LAPD Revenge Killings

LAPD holds press conference on Dorner investigation

Today LAPD Chief Charlie Beck will hold a press conference to update the public on the Dorner case and investigation.
Anaheim PD Outreach 01
It’s been more than six months since protests rocked Anaheim after two deadly police shootings. Have officers been able to restore trust with the community?
Science Idol
This year, the first ever America's Science Idol competition was held as part of the the American Association for the Advancement of Science conference. Contestants had 3 minutes to give a compelling presentation on the topic of their choice.
Mexican singer Paulina Rubio performs wi

Bunim/Murray hopes to corner Latino reality show audience

American Idol is one of the many reality programs on the dial, a lot of which come from the production company Bunim/Murray.
Pinot Noir grapes just before they are h

California sees large bumper grape crop in 2012

Some good news for wine drinkers here in California. A new report on the annual grape crush shows that 2012 was a bumper year for grape-growing in the state. More than 4 million tons of wine grapes were grown, and they fetched record high prices.
Writer Rosie Schaap has spent a lot of time in bars – 13,000 hours by her calculations. But she's got a great reason, she's the "Drink" columnist for the New York Times Magazine. Her new memoir, Drinking with Men is an homage to the many bars, pubs and taverns she's loved and lost along the way.
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