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Gov. Brown heads to DC to gain support for Medicaid expansion

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California Governor Jerry Brown plans to reveal details of his state budget Thursday, January 10. Brown said Prop 30 funds will help education, but otherwise, expect a frugal budget. Max Whittaker/Getty Images

Governor Brown is in Washington, D.C. Monday morning, meeting with President Obama on national healthcare reform. Over the weekend, Brown said his top priority for the visit is getting the Administration to agree to provide some protection for states that want to expand Medicaid as part of the federal healthcare reform.

As we discussed on this program last week, the Affordable Care Act provides states with the option to expand Medicaid programs. The federal government has said it will pay 100 percent of the costs for the first three years and 90 percent after that.

But Governor Brown, and other governors, worry what happens if Congress reneges on the deal.

KPCC's state capitol reporter Julie Small has been tracking California's efforts to implement these reform and joins us now to talk about it.

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