Take Two for February 26, 2013

Federal Appeals Court Rules Anti-Gay Marriage Bill, Proposition 8 Unconstitutional
A civil war is brewing over gay marriage. At last count, 75 Republicans have signed on to an amicus brief supporting gay marriage. They'll submit that brief to the Supreme Court in support of the suit seeking to strike down Prop 8, California's ballot initiative that banned same-sex marriage.
Day Of Remembrance Peace Walk Held In Honor Of Trayvon Martin

The Trayvon Martin shooting, one year later

For more on the case, how it was covered by the media and what's happened in the year since, we're joined now by Eric Deggans, media critic for the Tampa Bay Times and author of the book "Race Baiter."

Survival and Tradition: Why rural Northern Californians want their guns

As communities in Fresno grapple with keeping gangs and guns off the streets, some residents in the rural, forested ranges of Northern California say guns are a means of survival. The California Report's Mina Kim has the story.
Eddie Huang for Take Two

BaoHaus chef Eddie Huang on how to make it as a restaurateur

Eddie Huang, owner/chef of BaoHaus in New York, chronicles his unconventional career path in his new book, "Fresh Off the Boat."
Forum Mayor Debate

Race for LA mayor: Candidates try to turn around low voter turnout

LA municipal elections are known for low voter turnout, but this year’s mayoral candidates are hoping a small increase in participation may lead them to victory.

Why is horsemeat so taboo in the U.S.?

While horse meat has yet to be found in the U.S., Americans have reacted to the possibility with revulsion. But people in other countries regularly eat horse meat. So why is it such a taboo here?
Giant Goldfish

Giant goldfish found by researchers in Lake Tahoe

Researchers from the University of Nevada, Reno found a four-pound whopper of a goldfish, measuring in at a foot-and-a-half. And it wasn't alone, all told they found 15 other goldfish, which suggests that there are a lot more swimming around. For more we're joined by Dr. Sudeep Chandra, Associate Professor of Conservation Ecology at the University.

Why we need a new 'Happy Birthday' song

The song you sing before you blow out the candles and cut the cake is aptly named "Happy Birthday to You." Turns out its copyrighted, and while you won't be hauled off to court for singing it at a party, if you run a restaurant, and waiters sing it to patrons, watch out.
Janet Napolitano Discusses Effects Of Sequester On Homeland Security

Dept. of Homeland Security to release immigrant detainees

DHS is mandated by congress to keep 34,000 jail beds available for immigrant detainees, but Napolitano said yesterday the department may not be able to afford those after the across the board cuts.
Today is Tuesday, that day of the week when new album drops. Here to share some of his personal faves is LA-based music critic Steve Hochman.
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