Take Two for February 27, 2013

Blogger tackles bestsellers of the last century

Andres Aguila/KPCC

Blogger Matt Kahn plans to read the 94 bestsellers of the past 100 years.

Reading the top-selling book from each of the last 100 years sounds like an invigorating intellectual adventure. 

But the masses have historically  had spotty taste, if you ask Matt Kahn

This month, the Cal State Northridge creative writing student started making his way through the Publishers Weekly bestseller list from 1913. He's blogging about the books at Kahn's Corner.

He's already read Winston Churchill's "The Inside of the Cup" -which he liked. 

But he found "The Eyes of the World" by Harold Bell Wright "melodramatic" with characters who behaved irrationally. 

But he's committed to one book a week for 94 weeks. Not 100 -- because a few books took the honor two years in a row. And already some visitors to his blog say they plan to join him in his reading journey.



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