Take Two for February 27, 2013

LA Mayoral candidates

LA mayor race heats up with new ad

Candidates for the LA mayor race continue to launch ads. The latest from Kevin James features Wendy Greuel and Eric Garcetti look-alikes engaged in seedy activity.
US-Mexico border

Calls for more border security persist in immigration debate

In immigration debate, politicians press for heightened border security despite a period of historically low violence and illegal crossings.
Antonio Sanchez District 6

The man with the money in LAUSD's District 6 race

Next week Los Angeles voters will head to the polls to choose school board members in three of the seven LAUSD districts. In the northeast San Fernando Valley, one man's spending power is crushing his opposition.
Los Angeles International Airport

Sequestration could mean longer waits at LAX

To get ready for acros-the-board spending cuts, the FAA is preparing to furlough staff and close air traffic control towers. This could mean delays at LAX.
San Antonio Spurs v Golden State Warriors

Golden State ticket sale warriors

The NBA season is heading into the home stretch and Clipper fans are feeling pretty good. But their potential opponent - if the playoffs were to start today - are no pushovers. The Golden State Warriors are currently eighth in points per game and third in rebounds.

A brief history of the hoodie

The hooded sweatshirt has many facets. It's worn on runways, at protests, even in boardrooms. Tim Maly details the rise of this ubiquitous piece of clothing.
Calif. Congressional member John Campbell
Rep. John Campbell talks about what can and cannot be done to prevent the looming sequestration.

A better way to navigate Los Angeles traffic?

Wouldn't it be nice if, say when you're driving to a place like Big Bear, you could know about road closures - because for example, there's a massive manhunt - before you get stuck on Highway 18 for hours on end? Well, as of today, you can - if you use the popular navigation app, Waze.
Brown Tree Snake
The brown tree snake, a mildly venomous non-native serpent, is worrying wildlife officials in Guam. The snakes have devastated native animal populations on the Pacific making officials there try a novel approach: air-dropping poisoned mice. We'll speak with Daniel Vice. He's the assistant state director with the USDA Wildlife Services in Guam.

LA's media landscape shifts again

The Bible of the entertainment industry has finally succumbed to the realities of the print media business.
85th Annual Academy Awards - Show

CA legislators ask Academy to "disavow" MacFarlane

Legislators from CA's Women's Caucus sent a letter to the Academy saying MacFarlane's performance "crossed the line from humor to misogyny."

Blogger reads Publishers Weekly bestsellers from 1913 to 2013

Reading the top-selling book from each of the last 100 years sounds like an invigorating intellectual adventure.
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