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Eye-catching Lautner home for sale in Palm Springs

by Take Two®

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A hike along the Araby Trail takes you along and above Bob Hope's former home in Palm Springs, CA. On The White Line via Flickr Creative Commons

If you are looking to make an investment in real estate and have $50 million to spare, you might want to check out a stunning house in Palm Springs. This 23,000 square foot home was designed in 1973 by a famous California architect named John Lautner. It looks like a giant space-aged mushroom. Here with more about the home and the man behind it is Chris Nichols of LA Magazine.

And if six bedrooms and 10 bathrooms in Palm Springs isn't enough home for you... How about 7 bedrooms and TWENTY bathrooms in tony Bel Air? An 8.4 acre mansion on Bellagio Road might be on the market for the low, low price of just 225 million dollars. With more on this piece of property and the current state of high end real estate in California is Adrian Glick Kudler, editor of the website Curbed LA

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