Take Two for March 1, 2013

President Obama Makes Statement On The Sequestration

Looking back at the week that was

The sequester: it arrives with something of a whimper. The LA mayoral race has become kind of a slug-fest, and linking together ... rats' brains?
2012 NFL Combine

Is the NFL's 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' culture changing?

The NFL says it will investigate claims made by three college players who say they were asked about their sexual preference and whether they “liked girls” at this year’s scouting combine in Indianapolis.
California already has an official song -- "I Love You California."

Bahooka Tiki restaurant closing its doors

If you're looking to dine out this weekend, you might want to head to Rosemead.
Emanuel Pleitez Profile
The conventional wisdom in Los Angeles is that Emanuel Pleitez’s campaign for mayor is going nowhere. If so, it’s definitely going nowhere fast. The 30-year-old former tech executive is spending his final days running for mayor performing a low-tech, high-speed publicity stunt designed to increase name recognition. KPCC's Grant Slater followed the hopeful mayor.
Annamarie Montanez

Breaking down LAUSD's school board elections

Based on the media coverage and celebrity endorsements this LAUSD school board election has received, you’d think sitting on the seven-member panel was one of the most glamorous jobs in LA. And it is … if your idea of glamour is working crushing hours to wrangle a behemoth district that’s trying to reinvent itself amid warring factions, for less than $50,000 a year.
A new study out this week from the Sentencing Project finds the number of whites and Hispanics in prison have increased, while incarceration rates for black Americans have dropped. The study looked at incarceration rates across the nation from 2000 to 2009.
A Place at the Table, Barbie Izquierdo

America's spiking hunger problem

Sequestration. Immigration. Gun Control.
Seals Occupy La Jolla's Children's Pool Beach

Marine protection areas paying off on Calif. coast

The fish and sea life that call California's oceans home have been in trouble for the past few decades. Overfishing and pollution have threatened fish populations and diversity.
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