Take Two for March 07, 2013

The possible fallout of Measure A's failure

Measure A chart

Survey USA

Just 26 percent of likely voters support Measure A on the March 5 ballot, according to a Survey USA/ABC 7 released this week.

Now that voters have rejected Measure A's a half-cent sales tax increase, city officials are faced with trying to close a budget gap estimated to be at least $200 million. Had the measure passed, it would have provided enough revenue to close the shortfall.

Supporters warned of dire consequences: Cutbacks in everything from libraries and after-school programs, to fire and police services. City workers' unions and the mayor also pressed for passage, but voters apparently think more revenue won't solve the city's problems.

Here to discuss what might be ahead, Bob Stern, former president of the LA-based Center for Governmental Studies, and a long-time public policy analyst.


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