Take Two for March 07, 2013

California sees spike in parolees unlawfully removing GPS devices


California Department of Correction’s Division of Adult Parole Operations using GPS to ensure sex-offender and gang parolees comply with their parole at the California State Fair. At the 2011 fair, this resulted in one sex-offender arrest, two sex-offender parolees escorted from the fair and three at-large parolees arrested.

Outside the jails, there's been a spike in the number of parolees going rogue. Data released yesterday shows that more than 2,000 paroled sex offenders have gone missing after they removed their GPS tracking devices. That's a 15 percent jump since California's re-alignment law took effect.

Recent statistics on sex offender parolees who escaped:

--California Corrections Department

KPCC's Julie Small joins the show with more.

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