Take Two for March 07, 2013

In the wake of Tuesday’s election, L.A. could soon be without any women on its 15-member city council. It's possible that in a few months, only one will be a woman.
Measure A chart

The possible fallout of Measure A's failure

Here to discuss what might be ahead for the City of LA in the wake of Measure A's failure is Bob Stern, former president of the LA-based Center for Governmental Studies.

Study: Pessimism is good for your health

We’re always told that a cheery outlook is the path to long life, but a new German study published in this month’s journal Psychology and Aging finds that pessimism leads to positive health benefits because Debby Downers tend to take more precautions, fewer risks.
US President and Republican presidential
Every week we get your weekend conversation starters with Rico Gagliano and Brendan Newnam, the hosts of the Dinner Party radio show.
Outside the jails, there's been a spike in the number of parolees going rogue. Data released yesterday shows that more than 2,000 paroled sex offenders have gone missing after they removed their GPS tracking devices. That's a 15 percent jump since California's re-alignment law took effect.
Chicano Studies

Declining interest in 'Chicano Studies' reflects a Latino identify shift

Children of Mexican immigrants are going to college in record numbers, but they see themselves differently from earlier generations of Mexican-Americans. From the Fronteras Desk, Adrian Florido reports.
Asian Immigrant Activists

Asian-Americans have their own priorities for immigration reform

While the debate has been dominated by Latinos, a wide range of Asian ethnicities are making their voices heard in lobbying for immigration reform.
cell phone

CA's homeless going cellular

The Lifeline program gives discounted landline phone service to nearly 1.5 million poor people in the state. But starting this week, cell phones are now an option, too. That's good news for a specific segment of the population: the homeless.
Paul Tanaka Hearing
The once powerful number two in the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is retiring. Embattled Undersheriff Paul Tanaka will step down August first, amid allegations he condoned deputy violence against inmates inside LA County jails. That alleged abuse sparked a widespread FBI investigation. For more on Tanaka's departure, we turn to KPCC's Frank Stoltze.
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