Take Two for March 12, 2013

North Korea's rhetoric has been particularly aggressive recently, but analysts say it remains difficult to gauge the country's intentions and its military capabilities.

North Korea threatens war against South Korea and the US

North Korea is threatening to break a 1953 truce and declare war against its neighbor to the south, and against the United States. Observers say even for a country known for saber rattling, the North Koreans are acting with particular belligerence.
LA Catholics

What are LA Catholics looking for in the next pope?

Today in Rome, Catholic Cardinals are meeting to decide who'll be the next pope. The meeting, known as a papel conclave, is expected to last several days. We sent KPCC's Charles Castaldi to visit a couple of churches in Los Angeles to hear what parishioners are looking for in a new leader.
Experts say universal background checks need to be updated and changed to actually work.

Survey: Latino voters favor stricter gun laws

A new survey by Latino Decisions, a political opinion research firm, shows that across the board, Latinos support stronger gun laws.
Harry Taussig
Although 72-year-old Harry Taussig is an icon for many guitar aficionados, he's never performed live. That's about to change. Alex Cohen reports.
OxyContin Abuse On the Rise
State lawmakers are taking a close look at the Medical Board of California, and whether it’s doing enough to police doctors who freely prescribe painkillers. A recent L.A. Times investigation found the medical board took so long to investigate doctors suspected of prescription abuse that 30 of their patients died while the probe was underway.
2013 BNP Paribas Open - Day 4
One of the biggest tennis tournaments of the year is going on right now right here in Southern California. The BNP Paribas Open at Indian Wells attracts major tennis stars and hundreds of thousands of fans, and is proof that American tennis is alive and well. KPCC's Ben Bergman has been at the tournament and joins us now with an update.
Office Space Microbes

What microbes are lurking in your office and home?

Even when you think you are home alone, you're not. Your house is teeming with tiny roommates in the form of microbes. Almost all of them are harmless, and now scientists are trying to determine which microbes like to hang out in the living room, and which prefer, say, the water heater. Science writer Veronique Greenwood joins the show with more.
Orlando Magic v Miami Heat
The Miami Heat are on an 18-game winning streak, the 7th longest streak in NBA history. Granted, the team does have one of the best players on the planet, Lebron James, and he's been having an exceptionally good season. But is a streak like this a measure of how good a team is, or just good old fashioned luck?
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