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Take Two for March 15, 2013

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Leading Conservatives Attend 40th Annual CPAC
The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) convened this week. Take Two checks in on the week’s agenda and where conservatives’ conversation on immigration stands.
Gov. Jerry Brown
Jerry Brown has water on his mind. Yesterday, the Governor unveiled a $23 billion plan to overhaul how the state moves water from north to south. But while the plan for this new plumbing is still in the developmental stages, critics are already coming out against it.
Dow Jones Industrial Average Rises For 10th Day In Row
Time for our weekly review of the news, The Friday Flashback. Here with us in the studio, James Rainey, political columnist for the LA Times and from New York, Heidi Moore, U.S. finance and economics editor for The Guardian economic and fiscal policy correspondent for The National Journal.
Boyle Heights

Neighborhoods: Exploring the rich history and culture of Boyle Heights

Take Two's new series, Neighborhoods, hopes to change what we know, or think we know, about the city. First up, exploring Boyle Heights.
In the late 70s, a curious event took place in Manhattan: the arrival of the “Treasures of Tutankhamun,” exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Millions of people visited, and it caused a huge shift in how museums marketed special collections.
AEG President and CEO Tim Leiweke gives

What's behind AEG chief Tim Leiweke's sudden resignation?

L.A. Live was Tim Leiweke's baby, and he was the biggest cheerleader for bringing a football stadium to downtown LA. So what happened?
Buffalo Bills v Arizona Cardinals
The NFL announced this week it'll spend $60 million to research and develop new technology to prevent future injuries. But there might be millions more to be had by companies that are springing up to offer their own equipment and products to the league.
Web Cam Hacking
Take a look at the laptop or computer screen that's closest to you and you may see a little camera. As it turns out, hacking that little camera and viewing your entire life isn't that hard. We’ll talk with Nate Anderson from Ars Technica.
 LA County Science Fair

LA County Science Fair faces $35,000 shortfall

The LA County Science Fair may not have enough money to provide basics like tables and chairs in the hall where projects will be displayed. Meghan McCarty reports.
Teen Head Start - 6
A Pew Research study found fathers are increasingly concerned about their kids and they worry they're not doing a good job as a parent.
Oracle CEO Larry Ellison demonstrates Or

Tennis tournaments owners fear Ellison spending too much on Indian Wells

At first, Ellison was seen as a huge boon to pro tennis, but now some tournament owners complain that the billionaire has been spending too much.

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