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Take Two for March 18, 2013

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Attn. Gen. Holder Announces Sweeping Federal Consent Decree To Reform New Orleans' Police Department
Former Civil Rights attorney Thomas Perez has been picked to replace Hilda Solis as labor secretary. The son of Dominican immigrants is the first Latino to be nominated to the Presidents' second term cabinet. We’ll speak with Matt Vasilogambros covers the White House for the National Journal.
U.S. Supreme Court To Hear Gay Marriage Cases
Fifty years ago today, the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously ruled that in criminal cases, state courts must provide counsel for defendants who are unable to afford an attorney. The case was Gideon v. Wainwright, and though it's a half-century old, the decision may be more timely than ever due to budget cuts on the California court system.
SoCal veteran
This month marks the 10th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. We take a look back at the decade of war through the eyes of some Southern California Iraq War veterans. KPCC’s Josie Huang reports.
David Gilkey

Photographer David Gilkey on capturing the Iraq War

David Gilkey is a staff photographer and video editor for NPR, and was one of the first unilateral journalists to cross the border into Iraq while embedded with the U.S. Army. He talks about the images he captured, and what it was like working in a war zone.
Logo for MGM.
L.A. Times entertainment reporter Rebecca Keegan joins us for her regular Monday update of the latest from Hollywood.
LA Mayor Villraigosa Discusses Immigration Reform In Washington

Villaraigosa achieved most of his ambitious green agenda

Environmentalists give the outgoing mayor high marks for his efforts to increase the use of renewable energy, get off of coal, conserve water, and cut air pollution.
Mayor Villaraigosa praises Los Angeles’ new Cleantech Incubator.
Three of LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s green talking points have wider implications, either beyond the city or beyond environmental policy or both.
Dodger Stadium
Few consumers are welcoming the new Los Angeles Dodgers/Time Warner Cable TV deal because many assume the cost per month will be high. The team has yet to submit their television deal to Major League Baseball for approval. We’ll find out why.
California Emissions Laws

Groundbreaking system aims to ease LA's traffic woes

All of LA's nearly 4,400 intersections that have a signal, are now monitored and synchronized for better traffic flow. It's the first city in the world to do it. Reporter Colin Berry has the story.
RNC Chairman Priebus Discusses Republican Party Strategy In Washington
This morning, the Republican National Committee released a new report on its shortcomings. The 98-page analysis has been dubbed an "autopsy" of the GOP, following failures in last fall's election. For more on the digital future of the Republican Party, we're joined now by Steve Friess, technology reporter with POLITICO.
Christie McNally and Ian Thorson

Diamond Mountain yoga retreat ends in mysterious death

Last year, 38-year-old Ian Thorson died of apparent dehydration in a cave in southeastern Arizona. Earlier that year, he and his wife Christie McNally travelled to Arizona’s Diamond Mountain to pursue Buddhist perfection. Much of how he died has been shrouded in mystery.

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