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The LA Times resuscitates its latent Homicide Report blog

by A Martínez with Leo Duran | Take Two®

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LAPD officers protecting a person threatened by multiple homicide suspect Christopher Dorner fired upon a truck that matched the description of one driven by Dorner. Dorner was not in the vehicle, but innocent people were hit. The victims are expected to survive. Brian Watt/KPCC

When it debuted in 2007, the LA Times' blog The Homicide Report was a breakout hit. Reporter Jill Leovy meticulously wrote about every homicide victim in L.A. County.

The posts weren't long, but she would include personal details normally missed by a police blotter:  where the victim was headed, nuggets of information about their family, or maybe it started rain when it happened. These narratives gave people new life beyond just being a name or a "victim," but as a human being.

However, the blog only lasted for a year before Leovy left, and since then readership has dropped off as posts became infrequent. Now the paper is reviving it by looking for a dedicated reporter. Assistant managing editor Megan Garvey explains that it's a difficult job.

"The idea of having to talk to families at one of the worst moments of their lives," she says, "it's difficult to do that."

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