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Take Two for March 28, 2013

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Cell Phone Tower Wars
No, it's not the flat, bottom-dwelling sea creature you take efforts to avoid when you're wading along in the ocean. This breed of StingRay is an elaborate surveillance system that simulates a cell phone tower and is used to locate and track individual cell phones.
California To Raise Gas Tax

Should fossil fuel subsidies come to an end?

This week, the International Monetary Fund is calling for countries around the world to halt their energy subsidies to encourage people to consume less energy. Critics reason that subsidy cuts would increase the cost of living for nearly everyone on the planet by raising fuel costs, and in turn transport and food prices.
Semana Santa Fronteras

In Mexico, Semana Santa (Holy Week) means retail pilgrimage to the US

For San Antonio, Texas, "Semana Santa" (Holy Week) is one of the biggest weeks for retail sales. A strong peso is raising hopes of strong sales among some retailers in border states.
Picture of the Mexican five hundred peso

What's behind the strength of the Mexican peso?

Why is the peso doing so well? To find out, we've reached Marcela Meirelles, head of Latin American research at the LA-based investment firm, TCW.
Deputy Troy Sella from the new technolog
California airports are competing for a federal contract to test out drones for civilian use. The untapped civilian market is estimated to be worth billions.
Philadelphia Hosts The 17th Annual Wing Bowl

Bigger chickens means more expensive wings

The wholesale price of these poultry pieces soared 76 percent on average last year. That rapid growth is due in part to the actual growth of chickens, they're becoming much bigger. But larger chickens aren't necessarily a good thing for restaurants that serve chicken wings.
Mayor Race - Eric Garcetti

Who's the ‘labor candidate’ in the race for LA mayor?

Until now, it appeared labor unions preferred LA City Controller Wendy Greuel over City Councilman Eric Garcetti in the race for mayor. That has now changed.
Los Angeles Mayor
It's Take Two's ticket to all the latest political news coming out of downtown Los Angeles with KPCC's political team of Frank Stoltze and Alice Walton.
Cycling Routes And Directions Added To Google Maps
On tap this week: Why you're not allowed to say "ungoogleable" in Sweden, the elimination of entrees in restaurants, and this week back in 1989 two scientists claim to have discovered cold fusion.
Neighborhoods Leimert Park

Neighborhoods: Leimert Park's important place in LA's cultural history (Map)

Millions of people live in the city, occupying diverse neighborhoods like Little Tokyo, Echo Park and Glassell Park. But how much of the city do you really know? In Take Two's new series, Neighborhoods, reporter Tess Vigeland takes us to Leimert Park.
WHO Urges Smokers To Quit On World No Tobacco Day

Calif. smokers could pay higher health insurance under Obamacare

A "tobacco surcharge" in the Affordable Care Act could lead to higher health premiums for smokers. But a bill in the California assembly would block higher rates in the state.
Ground Operations
Vets returning from Iraq and Afghanistan face a 10 percent unemployment rate when they come home. But Take Two looks at one path to giving them a job: encouraging them to become farmers.

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