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One man's quest to get off Nevada's Black Book banned list

by Take Two®

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Frank Citro, Jr. is seen in a video from the Los Angeles Times. Los Angeles Times

In Las Vegas, plenty of people are trying to get on one list or another, at clubs, bars, restaurants and the like. But one list that no one wants to be on is the so-called "Black Book."

It's an actual list of people blacklisted by Las Vegas casinos, and being on that list means you can't own, manage or even frequent a casino in the state. The only way to get off the list is to die, but one man is trying what's never been done before:  get his name removed before he leaves this mortal coil. 

Frank Citro, Jr. is 68, and has been on the blacklist for 23 years after being convicted of bookmaking and loan sharking in California and Las Vegas. He served two years in prison and has stayed out of trouble ever since. He's even no longer on probation. 

Las Vegas bureau chief for the Los Angeles Times, John Glionna, wrote a column about Citro

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