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Take Two for March 29, 2013

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Obama 2012
From the use of a racial slur to a trip to the border to appearances by the President on Spanish language tv, it's been an interesting week in immigration issues. For more we're joined by Fawn Johnson, who covers immigration for the National Journal.
Activists Protests Against The Agriculture Industry's Lobby Influence Over Congress
On Tuesday, President Obama signed into a law the spending bill Congress had approved last Friday, but his swipe of the pen sparked protests outside the White House.
Prop 8 - 2

Friday Flashback: Prop 8, DOMA, gun control and more

We'll talk about the week that was with our regular political roundtables. On tap this week, the Heidi Moore with The Guardian and James Rainey from the Los Angeles Times.
Pitchess Detention Center

In-jail educational program reaches milestone

The L.A. County Sheriff's Department marked a milestone Thursday, the first time the facility has had enough participants in educational programs to stage a graduation ceremony.
Ryan Gosling Place Beyond The Pines

Director Derek Cianfrance on 'The Place Beyond The Pines'

The Place Beyond the Pines, stars Ryan Gosling as Luke, a wandering soul who makes his living performing motorcycle tricks at a traveling carnival. How Gosling's character chooses to take care of a newly discovered family and how those choices affect the lives of others is the basis of the film. We’ll speak to Derek Cianfrance who is the writer and director.
Beardless and shaven-headed, Charles Man
Charles Manson and several of his followers were found guilty in the murder of seven people more than four decades ago, but now there could be some new information in the case.
Eaton Canyon - 1

Eaton Canyon: Deaths highlight dangers of off trail hikes (MAP)

Five hikers have died in the rural canyon in the past two years. Official warnings haven't kept people from taking a dangerous path to a second waterfall.
Frank Citro, Jr.
In Las Vegas, plenty of people are trying to get on one list or another, at clubs, bars, restaurants and the like. But one list that no one wants to be on is the so-called "Black Book."
Charles Phoenix

Charles Phoenix's guide to a California Easter celebration

If you are looking some other ways to celebrate with a little southern California flair, oh, have we got suggestions for you!
Red Car

The great Red Car conspiracy of Los Angeles: Is it real?

Roman Mars and Eric Molinsky of 99% Invisible tell the real story about what happened to LA's Red Car system.
California craft distillers are pushing to change a Prohibition-era law that restricts them from having paid tasting rooms and selling bottles of their product on site. Wineries and breweries have had that right for decades.

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