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Mexican drug cartels send agents to run operations deep inside US

by Take Two®

This July 10, 1993 file photo shows Mexican Joaquin Guzman Loera, aka El Chapo, at La Palma prison in Almoloya of Juarez. Guzman Loera who escaped from prison in 2001 is part of the Sinaloa Federation and is considered by Forbes magazine as the most powerful criminal in the world. STR/AFP/Getty Images

Living in southern California, we often hear about drug cartel activity spilling over from Mexico, but law enforcement officials say that Mexican drug cartels are setting their sights beyond border states. 

More and more, these drug cartels are headed deep into the U.S., and setting up operations in places like the Midwest. They're becoming so entrenched in places like Chicago that one of Mexico's biggest drug kingpins was recently named the city's Public Enemy No. 1. Even though he's never even been in the Windy City. 

With more is Michael Tarm of the Associated Press' Chicago bureau.

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