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The Next Mission: Taking brain injuries from the battlefield to the classroom

by Take Two®

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Former Marine Corps sniper Richard Gilbert crams for a final exam in one of his communications classes at the University of California-San Diego in March. Gilbert was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury while he was deployed in Iraq. He’s developed systems and tools to work around the symptoms of his condition and navigate life as a college student with TBI. Sam Hodgson for the Public Insight Network

Among the signature injuries of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan – post-traumatic stress disorder, lost limbs and traumatic brain injury – it’s the last that tends to get the least amount of attention. But for veterans who head to school after their service, traumatic brain injury can be an especially difficult diagnosis.

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The symptoms read like a list of all the things that can keep you from succeeding in school: It causes trouble with concentration, cognitive processing, reading comprehension, and memory. In the classroom, those symptoms can spell disaster.

Samara Freemark from the Public Insight Network reports.

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