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Take Two for April 3, 2013

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Obama heads to San Francisco for fundraising events

The Washington Post reports that the President's first event is a $5,000 per-person cocktail reception at the home of philanthropist and environmentalist Tom Steyer. His host is hoping not only to raise money for the Democratic party, but also to refocus the political conversation on climate change.

The Next Mission: Student veterans and a space of their own

It's much easier for student vets to navigate college life if their school has a centralized center coordinating all of the services available for veterans on campus. But not all schools have these centers.
Glendale City Hall
The race for L.A. mayor is grabbing most of the headlines, but Tuesday's elections in Glendale stand to play a pivotal role in the city's master-plan for development. There is also controversy around the decision to limit languages on ballots to English and Armenian this year.
LA Times
25 years ago today, the Los Angeles Times magazine published a special edition focused on life in the faraway year of 2013. In a lot of ways, it was surprisingly on target, though they didn't predict that the LA Times magazine would cease to exist.
Big East Basketball Tournament - Villanova v Rutgers
Now it's time to take the ball and run through the world of sports with our 1-2 punch, Andy and Brian Kamenetzky, they've covered sports here in L.A. for over a decade with the Times and ESPN.
Game of Thrones
HBO's president of programming has said he sees piracy as a "compliment of sorts," but the company is taking the issue very seriously. Brian Steinberg, senior editor at Variety, joins the show with more.
Immigration Activists Demonstrate In Los Angeles
According to the Associated Press, the term illegal immigrant is no longer, well, legal. At least not for newsmedia. The AP, considered to be the guide for many news organizations, is dropping the word altogether.

Drone industry boosters pilot controversial local growth plan

When it comes to the controversial unmanned aircraft known as drones, business is booming. That could mean scores of new jobs for San Diego, but privacy defenders say courting the drone industry could cost us our civil liberties.
Bull Durham Baseball Movies

The best and worst baseball movies of all time

All this week, we're bringing you different looks at the state of america's past time. Today we're going to talk baseball movies with TV writer, comedian and film expert Mark Jordan Legan.
A human brain — part of a 2009 exhibition called "Brain: a world inside your head", in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Obama announces new brain-mapping initiative

One of the greatest mysteries of science is right inside your skull: The human brain. Yesterday President Obama announced an initiative to help map our minds.
TO GO WITH Indonesia-animals-environment

Why counting komodo dragons is dangerous business

Their strong jaws and venomous bite make it easy for then to take down evil henchmen, or their preferred prey, water buffalo. But it also makes counting these reptiles a rather dangerous endeavor.

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