Take Two for April 5, 2013

California considers instituting official fracking guidelines


Jeff Boggs, responsible for the drilling at Consol Energy poses infront of one of the company's Horizontal Gas Drilling Rigs exploring the Marcellus Shale outside the town of Waynesburg, PA on April 13, 2012.

By now you've probably heard the term fracking, short for hydraulic fracturing. It's the process where oil companies shoot a high-powered mix of water, sand and chemicals into the ground to break up oil and gas deposits. 

Fracking has been going on for decades, but here in Southern California, we don't really know a lot of about where and when its taking place. Or what kind of chemicals are being used in the process. But the state is considering new guidelines change that.

KPCC's Environment Reporter Molly Peterson is here to fill us in.

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