Take Two for April 5, 2013

Tobias Dustin Summers
Police are still searching for Tobias Summers, the prime suspect in last week's kidnap and sexual assault of a 10-year-old girl in Northridge. They have arrested Daniel Martinez as an accomplice, charging him with kidnapping and robbery. Detectives think Summers may be in San Diego, and this case has turned up the heat on the state's prison realignment program. KPCC's Rina Palta and Erika Aguilar report
Fracking has been going on for decades, but here in Southern California, we don't really know a lot of about where and when its taking place. Or what kind of chemicals are being used in the process. But the state is considering new guidelines change that.
Guns, energy, jobs and a remark by the President that many found sexist. It's time for our weekly analysis of the news, The Friday Flashback.
Hot Milkshake

Tired of your morning coffee fix? Try a hot milkshake

The street food scene in LA is a vibrant and varied world, but if you need some guidance navigating it there's no one better to turn to than Bill Esparza, who writes the Vitamina T column for LA magazine and blogs on his own at Street Gourmet LA.

Mexican cowboys practice their 'vaquero' traditions in LA (Photos)

When you think of horses in Southern California, you might picture cowboys or the fancy west side equestrian set. But here in LA, there’s an entirely different horse world.
Health Care

Undocumented workers and the Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act will provide insurance to millions of low-income people who currently don't have it. But undocumented workers - even those on the path to citizenship - won't be guaranteed any federal health benefits, which critics worry could create a sub-class of uninsured.
Yesterday legendary film critic Roger Ebert passed away. Associated Press film critic Christy Lemire pays tribute her friend and former colleague.
Dodger Food Dog
Here to talk about the best and the worst food that baseball has to offer is Andrew Cieszynski from StadiumJourney.com.
The Academy Of Magical Arts Awards - Inside
Come this Sunday night, magic gets its moment in the spotlight with the 45th Annual Academy of Magical Arts Awards ceremony at the Orpheum Theater in downtown Los Angeles.
Room 237
The new film "Room 237" explores some of these alternative readings of "The Shining."
Bookstore Appearance By Roger Ebert
We played some scathing reviews written by legendary film critic Roger Ebert and asked you to hazard a guess about what films inspired such harsh critiques. Here are the questions, answers at the bottom of the page!
Julien's Hollywood Legends Auction
Celebrity auctions began in the 1970s and today are a billion-dollar industry. KPCC's Lauren Osen looks at their origin and previews this year's Hollywood Legends auction at Julien's Auction House.
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