Take Two for April 9, 2013

California sets wind power record after gusty days

New Climate Report Names Current Decade As Warmest On Record

David McNew/Getty Images

Emissions-producing diesel trucks and cars pass non-polluting windmills along the 10 freeway on December 8, 2009 near Banning, California. Sustained global warming shows no sign of letting up according to new analysis by the World Meteorological Organization made public at the climate talks in Copenhagen. Although global temperature fluctuates from year to year, overall the decade of the 2000s is likely the warmest decade in the past 150 years covered by the report. This decade is warmer than the 1990s which were warmer than the 1980s, and so on. The conclusion meshes with independent analysis by the National Climatic Data Center and NASA.

NBCLA's Fritz Coleman joins the show to fill us in on why we're having such windy days. 

Then, according to the California Independent System Operator, the state has set new records for wind power. For more on this we're joined by KPCC environment reporter Molly Peterson.

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