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How to be smart and stay safe when hiking in Southern California

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Children play under the waterfalls in Eaton Canyon Park on Wednesday afternoon, March 27. Molly Peterson/KPCC

Here in Los Angeles, finding a place to go hiking is easy. From Griffith Park to the Santa Monica mountains, trails with varying degrees of difficulty are available for people of all ages. 

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So it may be hard to believe how many get themselves into dangerous situations by making some simple mistakes. Last week, Nicolas Cendoya and Kyndall Jack wandered off-trail in Cleveland National Forest on Easter Sunday and had to be rescued days bruised and dehydrated. 

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According to the L.A. County Sheriff's department, a record 560 similar rescue efforts were made last year in L.A. County. Why are so many people winding up fighting for their lives on Southern California hiking trails?

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Here to answer that question is Greg Miller, president of the American Hiking Society and a southern California native.

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