Take Two for April 10, 2013

Activists March Through Miami Demanding Immigration Reform

Immigration reform debate heats up in DC

Rallies are set this afternoon in Washington DC — and in communities up and down California — in support of reform. Tens of thousands of immigrants and their supporters are expected to turn out in DC alone.
College loan debt isn't easing up, and students are struggling to navigate a plethora of obligations.

What could Obama's new budget mean for student loan debt?

Today, President Obama unveils his 2014 budget. In it, he's expected to roll out a new proposal to change student loan interest rates. Joining us for more on this is Mark Kantrowitz, publisher of the financial aid web sites FinAid.org and Fastweb.com.

Consumers are using more screens, and companies adapt (poll)

More consumers are watching TV shows on other devices such as a laptop or smart phone. That's causing networks to change the way they market to viewers.

Broadcasters up in arms over signal streaming service

Internet upstart Aereo. make local broadcasts - like ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox and make them streamable. So you'd be able to see them on your iPad or iPhone.
Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame 2013 Class On Court Announcement

Sports Roundup: NCAA, Jackie Robinson, Lakers and more

It's time for our weekly romp through sports with Andy and Brian Kamenetzky. They've covered the L.A. sports scene for over a decade for the Times and ESPN.
DFB Dialog Forum
Coming out of the closet to family and friends can be difficult, so its logical that its much harder when you're a celebrity. Maybe that's why no one playing on a professional team sport has ever come out while an active player.
2012 Republican National Convention: Day 2
Here to discuss some of the challenges the Republican Party leadership is facing, and how they might tackle them is John Feehery, longtime GOP strategist with the public affairs firm Quinn, Gillespie and Associates.
dial 911 emergency
Lawmakers in California have introduced a bill hoping to crack down on a string of pranks called "swatting." The way "swatting" works is someone contacts 911 to report a serious crime or threat at someone else's house, but it turns out to be fake. The prank shows no signs of slowing down.
Gore congratulates LA, Villaraigosa 06
In his address at UCLA’s Royce Hall, Villaraigosa recounted his accomplishments and sharply criticized the two people seeking to replace him. He said neither City Controller Wendy Greuel nor City Councilman Eric Garcetti is offering “serious discussion” about education issues.
U.S. Navy's Blue Angels Perform Over Key West
The sequestration axe has fallen on one of U.S. military's biggest attractions. Citing budget cuts, the Navy is grounding the Blue Angels for the rest of 2013.
A mallard duck takes a bath at a private
Every time the fiscal cliff or sequestration comes up, politicians begin scrutinizing the federal budget for wasteful spending. Inevitably, projects from the National Science Foundation come under attack.
Chris Nichols LA Artifacts - 5
Southern California has long fought the battle against smog, and back in 1957, an actor had a novel idea to raise awareness about the issue. He sold smog in a can. No joke.
Grand Canyon Mule

Grand Canyon mules to stop delivering packages

For decades mules have delivered mail and care packages to the boatmen and backpackers at Phantom Ranch, a small outpost on the floor of the canyon. But now the company that runs the mule train says it's too much of a burden.
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