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Take Two for April 11, 2013

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Millions of Japanese cars recalled due to air bags

Millions of Japanese cars are getting recalled because of air bags made by the Takata Corporation.

Fracking efforts in the Monterey shale hit a snag

Fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, in the Monterey shale may not be possible anymore, as earthquakes have left the area too unstable for companies to turn a profit and now the shale may go untapped.
During the past few years, Indio and Coachella’s fortunes went in opposite directions. That’s made city leaders eager to capitalize on the music festival’s success.
Trina Turk
Area communities aren't the only ones trying to capitalize on the popularity of Coachella. Fashion designers are also jumping on the opportunity to get their brands in front of the tens of thousands of Coachella-goers.
Yesterday, Christian Gerharstreiter was found guilty of first-degree murder and he'll be sentenced on June 26. Linda Deutsch from the Associated Press covered this fascinating trial and she joins us here in studio.

High-Speed Rail Authority needs loan to mitigate legal delays

Agency building bullet train wants to borrow money from state while it wrangles in court over plan to spend voter-approved funds.
Los Angeles Mayor

City Hall Pass: Education, first mayoral debate, and more

On tap today, education takes a front seat in the Mayor's race, Garcetti and Greuel face off in the first one-on-one debate of the race, KPCC launches the Dear Mayor project.
Facebook Announces New Launcher Service For Android Phones

Zuckerberg, tech leaders launch multimillion-dollar PAC

In other political news, there's been a lot of rumor in recent weeks about Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg launching a new high-tech super pac. Well, today is the big day.
California Governor Jerry Brown Leads Trade Mission To China

Gov. Brown signs investment deal with China

Reporter John Myers of the Sacramento ABC affiliate is traveling with the Governor. When we caught up with him, he was on a train bound for Shanghai.

A look at the legacy of LA hip-hop station KDAY

According to FCC documents, the LA-based hip-hop radio station KDAY is in the process of being sold. News of the sale resulted in speculation that the station might shift from old school rap to Mandarin-language talk radio.

Nature lovers and off-roaders clash over state park

In many ways, "off roaders" struggle with Californians who have a very different idea of what a park should be. The California Report's Rachel Myrow has the story from Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area in San Joaquin County
Alexandra Avakian
Alexandra Avakian has followed conflicts around the globe, from the Gaza Strip to Somalia, the Sudan and Haiti.

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