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Mexico City makes targeted effort to curb salt intake

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Veronica Mendoza is seen with several different fillings to make 'quesadillas' with vegetable and grain tortillas at her restaurant in Mexico City on January 22, 2013. Her take on the traditional tortillas, made with vegetables and grains, are an attempt to make 'quesadillas' (stuffed fried tortilla) healthier. OMAR TORRES/AFP/Getty Images

As cities throughout the U.S. consider soda bans as a way to crack down on our sugar intake, Mexico City is looking for ways to reduce consumption of salt. Mexicans consume as much as three times the amount of salt that Americans do.

Two-thirds of Mexican adults are overweight or obese, and diabetes and hypertension are reaching epidemic proportions. Now health officials in Mexico City are urging restaurants to take salt shakers off their tables.

For more on this, we go now to Josefina Santacruz. She owns the Dumas Gourmet restaurant in Mexico City. 

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