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Take Two for April 17, 2013

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Immigration bill would expedite citizenship for DREAM Act students

The US Senate’s immigration reform bill, introduced Wednesday, would put undocumented students, known as "Dreamers," on an expedited path to citizenship. Read the entire bill.
Immigration Activists Protest Outside Of Marco Rubio Fundraiser
Not everyone holds much hope for the immigration bill introduced in the Senate this morning. Some fear the bipartisan plan will cost California billions of dollars. Ira Mehlman of the Federation for American Immigration Reform is one of those critics, and he joins the show to talk about his concerns.
Firearms Maker Smith And Wesson Reports Almost 50 Percent Increase In Sales Revenue
The Senate Public Safety Committee approved several bills, part of a package of measures Democratic leaders are calling the Lifesaving Intelligent Firearms Enforcement Act or just The Life Act.
OxyContin Abuse On the Rise

FDA places ban on generic versions of OxyContin

Yesterday, the patent for the drug OxyContin expired, opening up the market for a generic version. But before production of generics could start, the FDA prohibited them.
Shelby Smoak Bleeder
Author Shelby Smoak was born with hemophilia. When he was 11, he contracted HIV from a blood transfusion, but didn't find out about his disease until when he was 18. His new memoir, "Bleeder," begins at this point in his life.
Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers

Sports Roundup: Lakers, Pat Summerall, Boston Marathon

It's time for our weekly romp through sports with Andy and Brian Kamenetzky. They've covered the L.A. sports scene for over a decade for the Times and ESPN.
Ludo and Krissy Lefebvre
People buy tickets for sports games, for movies and concerts, so why not buy a ticket in advance for dinner? That concept is being tested this morning at a brand new LA restaurant called Trois Mec.

MPAA tweaks ratings system to better-inform parents

The new system, called "Check the Box" by the MPAA, aims to help parents make better decisions about the movies their kids see. CEO Chris Dodd announced the change at the CinemaCon gathering in Las Vegas.
Boston Marathon Explosion
Investigators are still piecing together information about the two bombs that detonated Monday afternoon at the Boston Marathon. Meanwhile, here in Los Angeles, security remains heightened at LAX and sporting events.
A student on his way to school walks pas

LAUSD looks to expedite abuse investigations

The Board of Education is now considering a new method of investigating alleged crimes.
White Abalone
Now scientists are trying to help the white abalone population recover, and they've created special tanks designed to promote abalone reproduction.

God is in the octopus' garden: Father Christian Mondor

A lifelong love of the ocean resonates with a Huntington Beach Catholic priest's faith. Father Christian Mondor loves to surf.
Petula Clark

Petula Clark makes a pop comeback at age 80

British Singer Petula Clark made a name for herself worldwide in 1964 with this hit – Downtown. She's sold more than 68 million albums, recorded songs in German, Italian and Spanish. She's appeared in dozen of films, hundreds of TV shows. And as if that weren't enough, this year she put out a new album at age 80. She joins the show to talk about her long, successful career.
CicLAvia, LA's shared biking experience, plans to expand all the way to the Pacific Ocean this Sunday, but some are worried about public safety after the two explosions that rocked the Boston Marathon this week.

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