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Take Two for April 18, 2013

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An injured man is loaded into an ambulance after two explosions during the 117th Boston Marathon near Copley Square on Monday.
The carnage at the Boston Marathon bombing had many observers saying it looked like a war zone. Medical advances from the battlefields in Iraq and Afghanistan have actually been crucial in helping victims of the Boston blasts.
Boston Deals With Aftermath Of Marathon Explosions

Muslims fear a backlash after Boston bombings

The culprit(s) behind Boston's deadly bombing is still at large, but Khaled Beydoun had one thought running through his mind: please don't let that person be an Arab or Muslim.
Boston Marathon Explosion
Meanwhile a couple of news and image-sharing websites, Reddit and 4Chan, have been overrun with users trying to do their own parallel investigation. Amateur digital-forensic analysts are going through much of the same data as investigators, circling suspicious people in backpacks and swapping theories about who did it and how.
A Boston police officer clears Boylston Street following the explosions.

How and why the media can get a breaking news events wrong

When there's a big news event like the Boston marathon blast, how exactly is the media supposed to report quickly, yet maintain accuracy. We’ll speak to Al Tompkins of the Poynter Institute.
Los Angeles Mayor
KPCC's political team Frank Stoltze and Alice Walton join the show for a regular roundup of the latest political news.
Houston Rockets v Los Angeles Lakers

Both LA pro-basketball teams make the playoffs

While the Lakers certainly had all the drama, the Clippers had gotten in to the playoffs weeks ago. They wrapped their best season in franchise history and will open the playoffs Saturday verses the Memphis Grizzlies in Staples Center.
Shaykh Mustafa Umar

God is in the garden: a conversation with Shaykh Mustafa Umar

Shaykh Mustafa Umar says Islam teaches Muslims to be stewards of the earth, its creatures, and its resources. Worship god and protect what belongs to god, he says.
Downtown Los Angeles Skyline (skyscrapers, crane, construction, LA)
A new report out from the California Air Pollution Control Officers Association finds that air quality statewide has improved over the past 12 years. For more on this and on an interesting study on how pollution travels, we're joined now by Suzanne Paulson, a professor at UCLA's Department of Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences
2013 Winter TCA Tour - Day 9
Hollywood producer, Bryan Zuriff, the executive behind Showtime's new drama "Ray Donovan," has been charged in a gambling scandal that's tied to the Russian Mob.
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club pays tribute to The Call

The song "The Walls Came Down," was a big hit in 1983 for The Call, a band from Santa Cruz. The Call's lead singer and guitarist, Michael Been, died in the summer of 2010.
Chris Nichols LA Artifacts - 2
Back in 1928, gambling was illegal in California. This was long before the ritzy casinos of Las Vegas beckoned, so many Hollywood types headed to Tijuana instead. They flocked to a resort there called Agua Caliente. It's a place near and dear to LA Magazine editor Chris Nichols.

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