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Take Two for April 25, 2013

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The Changing Face Of The UK High Street
This week, federal regulators are expected to issue new guidance to banks related to loans that resemble the much criticized payday loan. Many feel that the new rules may mandate that banks evaluate a consumers' ability to repay a loan and limit how often they can get one.
For over five years, a Nevada psychiatric hospital bused more than 1,500 mentally ill patients out of state. About a third of them were dumped right here in California, some without any friends or family to care for them. But just yesterday, Nevada health officials announced a new policy to halt that flow.
Students at Tenth Street Elementary out on the playground.

Law holding parents accountable for kids truancy applied differently

Prosecution is spotty for a law aimed at curbing student truancy by holding parents responsible – to the point of facing jail time – for students who constantly miss class.
House Ways And Means Committee Holds Hearing On Statutory Debt Limit
A Martinez talks with Congressman McClintock about the issues facing the GOP and previews this weekend's convention of the California Republican Assembly, an activist group that bills itself as California's oldest grassroots organization.
Isabel Allende
We've all seen them — teenagers out on the street, begging for change — and wondered how their lives got to this place. Author Isabel Allende explores this in her new novel, "Maya's Notebook.
Apple's World Wide Developers Conference Begins In San Francisco

Apple stock rallies, but remains volatile

Apple has long been a Wall Street darling, with shares topping at more more than $700 a piece last year. The stock has been rallying today, but has recently been hovering around $400.
Steve Jobs, chief executive officer of A
Regardless of how you feel about Apple or iTunes, one thing that's certain is it changed the face of the music industry when it was introduced ten years ago.
Los Angeles City Hall
KPCC's political team Frank Stoltze and Alice Walton join the show for a regular roundup of the latest political news.
Graham Nash
On tap this week, we'll speak with someone not well known as a shutterbug, singer/songwriter Graham Nash. During his 50-year career as a rock star, Nash was also almost always taking pictures.
Pile of money

Data on who gives gifts to politicians is now more accessible

California has some of the toughest ethics rules in the nation. Politicians can only accept $440 in gifts from a specific person or company each year, and officials need to document everything they receive. The idea is that transparency prevents the corrupting influence of money in government, but what good is that information if its buried deep in the internet's version of a file cabinet?
Mexico Sports Fans

Phoenix sports teams look to Mexico for fans

Phoenix-based professional sports teams have long reached out to the metro area's large Latino population to cultivate new fans. But now they are going even farther, they're looking across the border. That ties into a bigger strategy to bring Mexican tourists to Phoenix.
Reebok Aerobic Fitness Video
Every week we get your weekend conversation starters with Rico Gagliano and Brendan Newnam, the hosts of the Dinner Party podcast and radio show.

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