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Take Two for April 29, 2013

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Dorner Shooting Manhunt
The LAPD may review more than three dozen firings because of the incident surrounding Christopher Dorner.

Michael Jackson wrongful death lawsuit begins

Opening statements begin in the wrongful death lawsuit filed by Michael Jackson's mother, Katherine Jackson, against concert giant AEG Live. The trial will feature a star-studded witness list and is expected to last for months.

Labor shortages make Ventura County farmers scramble

The Senate's immigration reform bill gives farm workers a fast path to citizenship: five years. That's half the amount of time proposed for the rest of the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the US. The legislation could affect 400,000 workers in California.
U.S. Marijuana Enthusiasts Gather For Mass Pot-Smoking Celebration
While it's been nearly six months since Colorado and Washington legalized marijuana, each state is still trying to figure out how to regulate the new industry.
Marijuana Mishap
Journalist Michael Montgomery of the Center for Investigative Reporting has been covering marijuana here in California for several years now. You've heard him numerous times on this show, talking about everything from marijuana prices to federal crackdowns on pot dispensaries.
Some good news for everyone who works below the line, as they say, in Hollywood. Employment in the entertainment industry is picking up, so much so that it's helping push down the over-all unemployment rate in the LA area.
Washington Wizards v Chicago Bulls
NBA center Jason Collins is the first active professional athlete in one of the four major North American sports leagues to come out as gay.
Smuggled Fish Bladders
We've heard of poachers hunting rhinos for their horns and elephants for their tusks, but now in southern California, they're going after a fish called the totoaba for their bladders. Last week, federal agents seized over 200 of these bladders from a home in Calexico. On the black market, they could have fetched as much as $3.6 milllion.
Mark Laita Serpentine
Mark Laita makes his living as a commercial photographer, you've likely seen his work on products ranging from the iPhone to Gatorade. But his passion is portraits of everything from people and peonies to seahorses and snakes.
Underground labor brokers in Chicago exploit undocumented Latino workers who need rides to warehouse jobs in the suburbs.
Strawberry Farm - 12

Farmers look for new solutions to water woes

When the California snow pack is measured next week, the state will have a better sense of what the summer water supply will be. It could leave farmers scrambling for water, potentially pumping more precious groundwater from aquifers.
disneyland age policy
'Not since World War II has there been a better time to be a veteran,' said Disney's director of veteran hiring at recent Disney-sponsored job fair.
In case you hadn't heard, the Rolling Stones played a surprise show this past weekend. Although the band could have easily filled the Staples Center or the Rose Bowl, they chose a tiny club in northeast LA: the Echoplex.
A U.S. Border Patrol Agent in September 2011, along the Mexico-Arizona border.

What it means to have A 90-percent secure border

Before the estimated 11 million people living in this country illegally can start down the long path to citizenship, the U.S.-Mexico border must reach a level of security that satisfies border hawks in Congress. And that argument may not be won from statistics alone.

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