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Take Two for April 30, 2013

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Prison Suicide - 3
Valley Fever is a fungal infection that's been cropping up at two prisons in Central California. On Monday, the federal official in charge of medical care in state prisons prisons ordered thousands of high-risk inmates out of these facilities because of the airborne disease.
House Holds Hearing On FEMA Hurricane Sandy Funding Oversight

Rep. John Carter on the House's upcoming immigration bill

Congress is on recess this week, leaving behind an unfinished bill on immigration reform. Both the Senate and the House have been working on legislation, the Senate's Gang of 8 released their version earlier this month.
The cities of San Diego and Tijuana have submitted a joint proposal to the US Olympic committee to host the 2024 summer games together.
Sylmar High

New science standards hard sell at cash-strapped Sylmar High

Science teachers said they're excited about hands-on teaching. But how will the cash-strapped school pay for the necessary supplies? The first of two stories looking at science in the schools.
Rudolph and Werner Herzog
In Rudolph Herzog's new book, "A Short History of Nuclear Folly," he traces the history of the nuclear race and what effects it has on the world today.
Shuggie Otis
Now it's time for Tuesday Reviewsday, our weekly new music segment. Here to talk about what's new in the music world is Oliver Wang from Soul-Sides.com. Today we're going with some new soul and R&B tunes. Who's this?
Central #ComedyFest Kick-Off With Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner & Judd Apatow

Twitter and Comedy Central team up for online comedy fest

All this week, you can get free comedy shows on Twitter. Comedy Central is hosting the online ComedyFest — hashtag #comedyfest — a five-day tweet-filled festival featuring more than 60 comedians. One of them is LA writer/comedian Jake Fogelnest and he joins us now.
Jack Davis

Athletes who are out, well before they're pro

NBA player Jason Collins shook the sports world yesterday as the first active player in a men's professional sports league.
Washington Wizards v Chicago Bulls

Jason Collins's coming out could be a big win for Nike

Jason Collins's coming out was exciting for Jack Davis, but it's also exciting for Nike. The LGBT community's buying power is reportedly worth almost $800 million.
Sacramento Kings v Houston Rockets

Committee recommends that Sacramento Kings stay put

Yesterday, a group of NBA owners rejected the proposed relocation of the Sacramento Kings, but the game isn't over just yet.
Senate Banking Committee Holds Hearing On Nominations Of Cordray And Mary Jo White
Another line of business which doesn't smell quite right to federal officials: Native American payday loans. A growing number of Indian nations have been getting into the business, known for quick cash and high interest rates.

The risky business of pension advances

If you're short on cash, convert tomorrow's pensions checks into cold cash today might sound like the perfect solution. That's the promise a few companies in California and elsewhere are making to retirees, but it's not all it's talked up to be.
2012 Republican National Convention: Day 2
Mark Sanford is back in politics, running as a Republican in a special election for an open Congressional seat in South Carolina. Can he convince voters he's moved past his mistakes?
College of the Sequoias

Accreditation review at community college puts local economy at risk

A number of community colleges in California have been so battered by budget cuts, and frankly, mismanagement, they're at risk of losing their accreditation. It's a big deal for the communities in which these colleges operate often tightly tied to the local economy.

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