Take Two for May 1, 2013

Paul Tanaka offers harsh criticism of Sheriff Lee Baca

Paul Tanaka Hearing

Bear Guerra/KPCC

Undersherrif Paul Tanaka prepares to testify in front of the Citizens Commission on Jail Violence on Friday, July 27, 2012. The commission was formed by the LA County Board of Supervisors to investigate allegations of abuse at county jails.

He was once a trusted advisor, but now he's become an outspoken critic. Paul Tanaka, the longtime number two man in the LA County Sheriff's Department, stepped down unexpectedly in March.

Now, he's told the Los Angeles Times he was forced out by Sheriff Lee Baca, and he's accusing the Sheriff of caring more about politics than public safety.

Joining us with details on this is the reporter who broke this story, Robert Faturechi of the LA Times.

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