Take Two for May 2, 2013

Is it wrong for wealthy celebrities to use Kickstarter to fund projects?


Funny Or Die

In reaction to celebrities like Zach Braff using Kickstarter to fund projects, Luke Barnett and Tanner Thomason started a fake Kickstarter campaign asking celebrities to pay for regular folk to see their movies.

A few months ago, Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell launched a kickstarter campaign to make a film version of their hit TV show "Veronica Mars," raising close to $6 million in the process.

Actor Zach Braff took note and last week made his own appeal on the crowdfunding site to raise money for a sequel to his 2004 movie "Garden State." 

Kickstarter does provide a way for fans to contribute to the content they love, but some people are a little turned off by the notion of millionaire celebrities asking for money from folks who make a lot less.

For more on that, we're joined now by Luke Barnett and Tanner Thomason who've started a tongue-in-cheek Kickstarter campaign of their own.

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