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Is it wrong for wealthy celebrities to use Kickstarter to fund projects?

by Take Two®

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In reaction to celebrities like Zach Braff using Kickstarter to fund projects, Luke Barnett and Tanner Thomason started a fake Kickstarter campaign asking celebrities to pay for regular folk to see their movies. Funny Or Die

A few months ago, Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell launched a kickstarter campaign to make a film version of their hit TV show "Veronica Mars," raising close to $6 million in the process.

Actor Zach Braff took note and last week made his own appeal on the crowdfunding site to raise money for a sequel to his 2004 movie "Garden State." 

Kickstarter does provide a way for fans to contribute to the content they love, but some people are a little turned off by the notion of millionaire celebrities asking for money from folks who make a lot less.

For more on that, we're joined now by Luke Barnett and Tanner Thomason who've started a tongue-in-cheek Kickstarter campaign of their own.

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