Take Two for May 9, 2013

Teen app developer helps TV fanatics avoid spoilers

Jen Lamere

Jen Lamere

Screenshot of the Twivo app. On the left is the Twitter feed before the plugin, on the right is the Twitter feed blocking any mention of the TV show "Dance Moms."

Jen Lamere

Hill Holliday

17-year-old Jen Lamere poses with her prize at the Hill Holliday's third annual TVnext Summit. She won for her app, Twivo.

West Coasters are always in danger of seeing spoilers of their favorite TV shows on Twitter, but a new app, Twivo, allows you to block tweets about your favorite shows until you're ready to watch them.

What's even more of a revelation is the app's developer: 17-year-old Jen Lamere of Nashua, NH.

Lamere recently won a Boston hackathon that she entered with Twivo. She has already been approached by tech company Furious Minds with offers to help her develop and distribute the app. 


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