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Bratton group pinpoints problems with Oakland's police force

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Former Hartford chief of police and NYPD chief of transportation bureau Patrick Harnett, a consultant for the Bratton Group, speaks during a news conference at Oakland police headquarters on May 9, 2013 in Oakland, California. A day after Oakland police chief Howard Jordan abruptly resigned citing medical reasons, a report by the Bratton Group that was commissioned by the City of Oakland revealed problems in the department in several key areas. The report comes days after the FBI reported that Oakland has the highest robbery rate in the country with an average of 12 robberies occuring every day. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Back in January, Oakland's City Council voted to to hire former LA police Chief Bill Bratton to help bring down rising rates of burglary and homicide. Last year, there were 131 recorded homicides in Oakland and the city averaged 12 robberies and 33 burglaries a day. 

Yesterday, Bratton's consulting group released its initial report. Bratton joins the show to fill us in on what the report found. 

Read the full report: 

Bratton LLC's report on Oakland

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