Take Two for May 13, 2013

Los Angeles Mayor
With just a week left, LA Mayoral candidates Eric Garcetti and Wendy Greuel are in the home stretch of this election and they were criss-crossing the city again this weekend.
North Korea

Refugee escapes North Korea for a new life in California

For decades, North Korea has been known for its bold political statements and illicit military operations. But it’s also known for their human rights violations. But there are organizations sprouting up all the time that aim to help North Korean refugees escape and providing them with resettlement opportunities.
Home Sales 01
There are a lot fewer homes on the market in Los Angeles today than there were just a year ago. Are we heading toward a mini-bubble?
Plague Fronteras Desk

Arizona scientists pinpoint birthplace of plague

Northern Arizona University biologists have pinpointed the source of one of the deadliest plagues of all time.
Loyola's Pediatric Mobile Health Unit Cares For Uninsured Children
Tomorrow in Los Angeles, nearly $30 million worth of federal grants will be awarded to various California groups to help get out the word about health insurance.
Big Hero 6

On the Lot: Disney/Marvel, Women in Hollywood and more

Disney and Marvel team up on an animated feature, plus charges of sexism and liberal bias in Hollywood. For more on this and the latest in Hollywood, we're joined once again by Los Angeles Times reporter Rebecca Keegan.
James Tolbert

Pioneering Hollywood lawyer James Tolbert dies at 86

This morning, we're marking the passing of a Hollywood pioneer, whose name you've probably never heard. James Tolbert was an entertainment lawyer in Los Angeles who called Red Fox, Lou Rawls and the Tuskegee Airmen were among his clients.

Design school publishes anti-gun violence children’s books

Pasadena's Art Center College of Design has inserted itself into one of the most pressing issues facing this country: gun violence
Nation's Lawmakers To Take Up Gun Control Legislation Debate

Some in California want tougher gun background checks

California has one of the toughest gun background check systems in the country, but that's not stopping people from buying more and more firearms. KQED's Sacramento Bureau Chief Scott Detrow takes us through the screening process that some lawmakers want to make even tougher.
New York University (NYU) students cheer
Recently the idea of college, and whether its always a good option, has seen renewed debate. A recent report is adding wood to that bonfire. Isabelle Sawhill, co-director for the Center on Children and Families at the Brookings Institution, joins the show to explain the findings of the report.
California University Cuts

College presidents' pay rises despite state budget cuts

Whenever the topic of college tuition comes up, the conversation often turns to the pay of the men and women running those institutions. The Chronicle of Higher Education looked at the salaries and overall compensation of 212 presidents at public universities.
An Airbus A318 with the logo of US compa
Last week, Frontier Airlines announced it will start charging as much as $100 for a carry-on bag. Oh, and hopefully you won't get thirsty, because that in-flight soda or coffee is now going for $1.99. Cheaper than Starbucks, but still.
American Airlines
While airline fees may be on the rise, the number of flights taking off is heading in the opposite direction. It's especially true at LA's smaller airports, like the Bob Hope Airport in Burbank and the John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana.
Springs Fire

Difficult fire season looms for Southern California

An update now on what looks to be a difficult fire season here in the West. The secretaries of agriculture and the interior — Tom Vilsack and Sally Jewell — just finished a briefing about what to expect this year. KPCC's Sanden Totten joins the show with more.
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